4SPIN is a desktop laboratory system used in the nanofiber production and the preparation of nanofiber layers from solutions of biopolymers and synthetic polymers. The system comes with variety of specifically designed components bringing its users full spectre of nanofiber production possibilities.


Variability & Repeatability

The device's functionality comprises its capacity to spin a wide range of materials while achieving identical properties when the process is repeated. Samples prepared from biopolymers and synthetic polymers, with a low scatter range reported by the morphological parameters of fibrous materials, are proof of this.



In the development of the device, generous attention was paid to controllability by a central system. After short initial training for operators, 4SPIN can start spinning immediately without any further assistance. The maintenance of the device and its components is very easy. The overall design provides free access for replacing electrodes and handling samples. Suitable for use in sterile rooms.



The efficiency of the device lies in its powerful jets with a nanofiber production capacity approaching semi-pilot scale levels. This leads to facilitation and transition to larger operational scales with significant cost savings compared to traditional electrospinning systems.


Safety & Reliability

4SPIN comes with safety features, such as electronically controlled door lock and automatic discharge mechanism for residual charges. The reliability of the device is guaranteed by the careful selection of tried and tested components.
All functions work within the limits of the specified technical conditions without compromising the operating parameters.






The device can be used with 9 fundamentally different types of emitters (jets) and 7 different types of collector units. The emitters are connected to a high voltage source and a dispensing mechanism containing the spinning mixture. Most emitters are also accompanied by air ducts feeding air at a controlled speed and temperature to the area immediately around the nozzle throat.


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