Endless Belt C6

Slow-running endless belt C6 is a rotary collector allowing formation of randomly aligned nanofibers from natural and synthetic polymers. Compared to other collectors of the 4SPIN LAB series, the C6 enables larger production simulating standard processing used in the transition from the laboratory scale to pilot plant production. Nanofiber material can be prepared on various types of substrates (paper, nonwoven spun-bond fabrics, woven fabrics). A system of movable arm enables easy deployment of substrate and its subsequent stretching. Height-adjustable ground plate prevents sticking of substrate due to electrostatic charge and positively influences the formation of nanofiber production itself.

The main features:

Production of larger mats of nanofiber layers (250 x 1000 mm)

Using various types of substrates

Easy deployment and stretching

Endless Belt C6