Rotating Thin Disc C7

Nanofibers prepared by electrospinning typically have randomly oriented fibrous structure. They have large surface-to-volume (or weight) ratio and excellent porous characteristic, which have shown enormous potential in diverse applications. However, electrospun nanofibers are often prepared in the form of randomly orientated fibrous web, which are fragile and difficult to be tailored into fibrous structures with a larger diameter. A yarn electrospinning method which uses the rotating thin disc collector can be used to convert newly electrospun nanofibers directly into a yarn. This shape offers new possibilities for future applications.

The C7 Rotating Thin Disc collector is a 12cm disc available in different width sizes. The 0.1 mm disc or ‘sharp edge’ produces yarns, the sides of the disc are made from plastic so only the edge is conductive and connected to zero potential of the power source. The discs are FIXED on the holder and are NOT removable, so if you need a different width size you will need to purchase a whole new unit. The Thin Discs come in the following sizes: 0.1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm in width. The disc can rotate at speeds from 10 to 5000 rpm.

At higher rotation speeds the fibers are highly uniform and aligned.

The C7 Rotating Thin Disc is the best used to produce small highly homogenous samples. As a result, nanofibers deposited on the wheel edges are assembled in a high degree of fiber alignment due to the rotation of the wheel and limited width. Fibers are more concentrated on the narrow electrode than in the case of a cylinders C3, where fibers fly sideways as well and thereby also lose directivity.

The main features:

High degree of fiber alignment at high revolutions

Higher fiber concentration on the smallest surface thus shorter deposition time and cost saving

One parameter optimization (linear surface velocity)

High thickness homogeneity

Possible yarn production

Rotating Thin Disc C7