Multijet needleless emitter

Multi Needleless Emitter E4


The design of the needleless multi-jet is unique. It uses internal distribution channels to feed a relatively large amount of spinning mixture to the thin edge of the conductive electrode. Numerous droplets are formed around the circular perimeter, from which a large number of fibres are created. The main advantage of this emitter is its tremendous productivity combined with high spinnability. The closed dosing system means that the parameters of the solution and the resultant material remain constant throughout the process. This emitter is used after the optimization of solution and material properties, when the stress is on maximum throughput and the preparation of large-weight samples in the shortest possible time. The E4 emitter can also be accompanied by an air duct feeding air at a controlled temperature and throughput to the area immediately around the droplet  (electroblowing).

The main features:

Good spinnability

Component connection using the Luer Lock® system

Simple construction – Needleless system

Very high throughput (typical dosing 150 µl/min)

Electroblowing ready






Multi Needleless Emitter E4