Static patterned collector C2

The static patterned collector C2 is formed by thin conductive wires separated from each other by an air gap. During the process, individual fibers are deposited between or perpendicular to the conductive wires, giving them a directional orientation. The degree of alignment is determined by the geometric parameters of the collector.

Using a patterned collector is the simplest way to achieve the very good internal structuring of nanofiber materials. Therefore, it is used in the development of new materials as the base collector to prepare smaller samples with an aligned structure (uniaxially strained materials, the replacement of nerve tissue, muscle, etc.). A collecting sliding tool, delivering a myriad of further benefits, can be used with this type of collector.

The main features:

Sample size (22 x 19) cm2

High degree of fiber alignment

Ready to be used with collecting sliding tool

Simple construction

Variable void gap size (from 20 to 60 mm)

static patterned collector for alligned nanofibers